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Found 16 results

  1. Bioware's Brenon Holmes, Technical Design Director on Bioware, commented on two features that might be included in the upcoming game Anthem: player titles and visual feedback for damaged Javelins. Continue reading...
  2. A career posting on Bioware's website seems to suggest that there may be First-Person Shooter elements in their upcoming new IP Anthem, a first for Bioware. Previous gameplay demos suggested Anthem to be third-person, like Mass Effect, but could Bioware be considering adding a first-person mode? Continue reading...
  3. The move into early 2019 is obviously undesirable from a gamer's point of view, but probably sound and needed if Bioware is to both create a game that actually pleases the audience, and also sells well enough to justify EA's investment. Continue reading...
  4. "I have some issues with always-online shooters that I really hope EA deviates from with Anthem and the ex-Visceral Star Wars game." -- PlayStation Enthusiast Continue reading...
  5. Steven Gilmour has left the Canadian studio. Continue reading...
  6. Not much is known about Anthem singleplayer.The focus for the new IP seems to center around the multiplayer. Continue reading...
  7. Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James talk about Casey Hudsons return to BioWare and what that means for the future of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Anthem, and Star Wars. Continue reading...
  8. BioWare's marketing team is taking things to a new level with Anthem, courtesy of corn. Continue reading...
  9. First Anthem ideas come from 2014 or even 2012, according to latest details shared by Casey Hudson Continue reading...
  10. It turns out BioWares new IP Anthem has been in development since at least 2014, reveals general manager Casey Hudson. Continue reading...
  11. Emergence at Fextralife writes, "After years of waiting, longing, pleading for a new Sci-Fi master piece, Mass Effect Andromeda proved to be a controversial game, criticized for its lackluster side quests, poor facial animations and lack of support for multiple languages. To kick off E3 2017, BioWare revealed their new project, an open world MMO type Sci-Fi video game called Anthem. With EA now putting BioWare Montreal on Hold, BioWare now needs a AAA game more than ever to prove itself. The question is, will Anthem do the job?" Continue reading...
  12. When BioWare unveiled the Anthem at E3, the company not only revealed its new intellectual property, but a massive shift in the company. Continue reading...
  13. Gaming Central wasn't the only one blown away by how amazing Anthem's trailer looked the Microsoft Press Conference during E3 2017. However, the game looks poised for an imminent downgrade. Even with Biowares experience with the Frostbite engine, the trailer looked heavily directed and tailored to show the game at its best. Continue reading...
  14. Anthem was easily one of the most impressive games at this years E3. And according to Arekkz Gaming, Bioware will showcase some new gameplay footage from this upcoming Destiny-like game at Gamescom 2017. Continue reading...
  15. Anthem and Destiny are not as similar as the comparisons are making it, and it is more applicable to the Mass Effect franchise. Continue reading...
  16. According to BioWares general manager, Anthem will offer a rich sci-fi experience in a lush and mysterious alien world with a script and gameplay mechanics similar to Mass Effect saga and latest Marvel movies Continue reading...

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