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  1. There are developers that are transparent by providing Dev Diaries of the different steps in the development of a game, and asking for our input. Just the fact that you can see what is being developed and confident of the content your buying is reassuring in today's environment. E3 2018 is but a few months away, what will BioWare present to us at this event? We undoubtedly will be shown an in-game demo/vertical slice to be dazzled by it and ready to buy a game without any knowledge of what is actually in it. We have little to no knowledge of the combat system, weapons variety, customization, crafting ability, quests, hubs, interactions with NPCs, storyline and the list can go on. We have been given NO information about the game other than E3 2017, oh I'm mistaken the delay of the game was new. Not unexpected! What should we expect to dampen down our fears about BioWare and more importantly EA. Transparency. What I would like you to do is watch the dev video about this new game in development “The Sinking City” (below). Not that the game doesn't sound interesting, but listen to what they are presenting and informing us about the game and process. I have posted two other examples of games being developed “New game in development” and “Beyond Good and Evil 2” in “Gaming Discussion”. I would encourage you to view them and listen to the transparency of the game by the developer and what is in it. What you can expect prior to purchasing the game. Ninja Theory did Dev diaries about Hellblade, what we saw was a process that was transparent and that our input was important. Eventually this was translated into a successful game. Why shouldn't we expect this from BioWare, a Dev update of how the game is progressing and our participation or feedback which can help in Anthem’s development. Why are we buying a game on a cinematic trailer. This may be to late but if BioWare had started dev diaries and an opportunity for our input. Consider what information we would already know about the game and the reason of the delay. This could have added confidence in what you see is what you get. A trust factor in BioWare, something needed. What do you think about a Dev diary by BioWare on Anthem, and feedback from us on the development. Helpful, important or not? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2YL9L-OZg4
  2. Carlo

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    I wasn't clear in my statement about both games. I wasn't comparing Anthem to BGE2, although BGE2 is a co-op game with up to four players. It is that others developers are coming out with next generation games and taking some unique approaches to different genres. They all will be competing in the market place and how reviewers see each game, which could affect sales. I think there is a need and desire for something new within the gaming community from developers. I think there are developers who will fulfill that need.
  3. Ubisoft may have hit on something unique with their upcoming game Beyond Good and Evil 2. Considering that this game is still in development and may come out in 2019, BioWare needs to think hard what others are developing. Beyond Good and Evil 2 has some real possibilities, they could possiblity be developing one of the great games of 2019. The two videos will give you some idea of the scope and concepts that are being developed, they may present an update in E3 2018. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8IguhQqhAg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf3t5p2XDAg
  4. Carlo

    A new game in development.

    Your welcome Martin.
  5. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2018/03/13/former-halo-battlefield-devs-announce-scavengers-a-third-person-co-opetition-shooter.aspx You might want to keep an eye on this game in development. I brought up a concept like this in a post "a twist on pvp", their concept about servers is also interesting. For those who like PVE and PVP then this may be your cup of tea and something the gaming scene needs. Fresh ideas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkHCnJ2EoE0
  6. Carlo

    Drew Karpyshyn leaves BioWare

    Joe Staten left Destiny with a similar story, he didn't peruse his own personal interest but when on to another game company. Those of us who knew something was up when he left , saw what happen to the true storyline in Destiny and that whole debacle. Drew Karpyshyn is not leaving to work on novels as he did before, but joined a startup game development team in California. This sounds like a man who's vision in the storyline was being undercut as they did with Joe Staten in Destiny. I have this sinking feeling we have seen the story play out before and we know the ending. Damn.
  7. [ATTACH=full]625[/ATTACH] DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST The BioWare studio in Edmonton is known for developing some of the best games in the RPG genre. Anthem may be added to their highly regarded titles of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Doing what you do best is building on that success and taking the next step forward. A new IP was the natural outgrowth of something they have been perfecting within their two main titles. A Shared World RPG. A co-op adventure set in a complex world Edmonton is known for, this time the world will be called Anthem. THE TEAM AND CONCEPT Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI) had a multiplayer component, that was separated from the main game. This was developed by a separate team made up of members of the development team of DAI and ME whose sole task was to the multiplayer. This multiplayer component was an improvement over their ME multiplayer. I believe they had hit the right balance in a dungeon crawl. There was no story associated with the multiplayer only set in the world of DAI. Dragon Age a beloved single player RPG series, would not be the vehicle to realize a multiplayer game. To carry this any further they needed a new IP, a multiplayer or shared world in combination with the complexity of a open world RPG. The kind of RPG that they knew they could create. In 2015 Drew Karpyshyn the writer of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, returned to BioWare in Edmonton to work on Anthem code named “Dylan”. They had their writer for the story set in a science fiction setting, and the core team who worked on DAI multiplayer a fantasy. Ted Reedy would lend his considerable talents in composing the music. A talented team had been assembled, the goal was insight. In that development time Edmonton has seen the likes of Destiny or The Division try to recreate their multiplayer in a FPS, without Edmonton's pedigree in RPG's. A campaign in a FPS is not an RPG. If anyone has a chance to pull this off it would be the Edmonton studio of BioWare. We saw the proof of concept at E3 2017. In their time of development they saw the pitfalls of other developers trying to create a shared world without a strong RPG background, story or team. Hopefully Lessons Learned. Always do what you do best. [ATTACH=full]626[/ATTACH] THE SQUAD Why four (4) players or squad mates in Anthem? In DAI multiplayer they saw how the holy trinity + one, would work in a complex dungeon. The traditional tank, healer and DPS always limited the complexity of a RPG, adding one additional player would add to the design possibility. They had four players in ME multiplayer but their class system may have limited the design of each location. It is my thought that this proved not to be the case in DAI. The suitable character classes and abilities, would work in all the different iterations in any one location. Adding to the planning for each squads configuration in a host of variations in any said dungeon. This would add to the complexity and excitement of trial and error within the game. Each member in the team of four had a detailed backstory, pieces of armor and clothing you could buy or craft to upgrade them. Members of the team came from the three main classes warrior, rogue and mage. They also could be a subset class like assassin in rogue. All members (17 in all) could be found in DAI although you couldn't interact with them, but you could see they were fleshed out NPCs. A hallmark of BioWare in their three dimensional worlds that they are famous for creating. Hopefully this is the template for Anthem’s character creation for each freelancer. Consider the possibilities for a moment. THE DUNGEON In DAI they had settled on five (5) levels of difficulty in any one location, as opposed to the four (4) in ME, with each level increasingly harder. With the Frostbite 3 engine they had the added capability of a destructible environment. This added component would add to the natural abilities of each squad member to solve barriers in each level. Thus aiding in the immersion of each location, everyone had a purpose and a role for the survival of the team in each level and the acquisition of loot. In Anthem the dungeon now could be incorporated into the world, adding an additional level to the open world environment they couldn't achieve in DAI multiplayer. We could have been introduced to two such locations in the E3 demo, Deadlight Caverns and Longfall Ruins. Remember Sandra mentioned taking Kim into Longfall Ruins for XP in the demo, an excellent way to gain XP is in a murderous dungeon in this case ruins. This might sound familiar to you in playing another game on the market, but don't let your imagination be jaded of the possibilities that BioWare can create. I believe BioWare has demonstrated that hard work will have a payoff when we enter Longfall Ruins. Their design in DAI multiplayer could serve as a template for Anthem’s interiors. [ATTACH=full]627[/ATTACH] THE THREAD There is a thread that runs through Mass Effect to Dragon Age and now Anthem. The ability to improve on a concept through each multiplayer in each franchise. We as players bought these great games and enjoyed countless hours in ME and DAI. We also helped BioWare in their pursuit of an open world multiplayer RPG, by playing each multiplayer installment in each game. But why in each game, one is science fiction and the other a fantasy. Through each world of gameplay, I believe, they found the best combination. A science fiction setting with classes and ability of fantasy. Think about it, the deep crafting and customization that comes with fantasy for us to lose ourselves in our character development and progression. The myriad possibilities in science fiction that can offer us worlds and dimensions we can't dream of but now can explore, like shaper storms. The simple fact is that they have an excellent writer who excels in science fiction, and a team that sees the diversity in fantasy classes and abilities. That thread starts in the Edmonton studio that runs through their other titles, and now to Anthem. A proven track record in RPG's and the hard work over the years to implement a multiplayer in one. They have spent years developing this idea and on this engine to be realized in Anthem. THE CLUES I believe there were clues in the E3 demo showing this linkage between the franchises. Futuristic structures among ancient ruins with religious overtones of a lost civilization. I believe the insignia on the Titan is in reference to the shield and sword of the Templar, both play the tank and have similar ability. The freelancer with the hood and torn cape draped over the shoulder, with the three elemental powers that the mages had in DAI. The lightly armored javelin built for speed to move quickly in and out of combat, designed for an assassin. Whatever the story is on each class you can see the tree of progression. The endless possible builds and customization. All this was in the multiplayer in DAI, and I strongly suspect this will be carried over into and improved on in Anthem. The detailed backstories from DAI multiplayer carried over to each freelancer, would solidly place you into the world of Anthem. This would be in keeping with BioWare's tradition within their multiplayer and all of their games, as we had with Shepard. In the repair bay for the javelins there were four stations and the ally of the month, an experienced dungeon player to complete a fourth man in a squad? Seeing the E3 demo in a different light what connections can you find, assuming you think my observations are plausible. [ATTACH=full]628[/ATTACH] TO YOU BioWare could succeed where others failed even if there are bumps in the road, because I believe they have paved this road with hard work. Where others haven't. A open world multiplayer RPG. With that being said, it is hard to be even cautiously optimistic about the outcome of Anthem. With all the hard work that has transpired over the years on “Dylan”, now officially Anthem by an innovative team. The seemingly endless corporate greed by EA may send Anthem down a rabbit hole of shady money schemes. Anthem may turn out to be a underdeveloped overly monetized game/service that taints BioWare for years to come. If so, Anthem and the BioWare may be one more casualty in EA’s search for the perfect cash cow. We shall see. P.S. Before posting this article the news came out about Drew Karpyshyn leaving BioWare. He will be added to the list with Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw, studio general manager Aaryn Flynn, Andromeda lead writer Chris Schlerf, Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider, and Andromeda senior development director Chris Wynn who have already left. This is bad news and can mean that the vision of the game is gone and we are left with just the mechanics, of running around shooting stuff in a very beautiful environment. Will we see PVP added to complete the circle. This has a familiar ring to it, the sound of a cash register.
  8. Drew Karpyshyn Is leaving BioWare. This is not a good sign, I remembered when the lead writer for Destiny left back in the day. We all know how that turned out. If there is no real story or some kind of patchwork thrown together, again, this does not bode well. A writer leaves because he wants to persue another project. This was the lead writer for Destiny's statement also. The fact is the story was being undercut to fit the memorization of the game. This smells like a FPS campaign not an RPG game or should I say SERVICE. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2018/03/09/mass-effect-2-lead-writer-drew-karpyshyn-leaves-bioware-again.aspx
  9. Carlo

    To BioWare

    On the idea of MMORPG approach, didn't want to address this aspect because I fell that Destiny has taken this approach. How is that turning out for them along with other shady dealings. BioWare needs to stay far away from that approach. Unless EA thinks they now how to make a game then we will have that approach in Anthem. Again they just destroyed another game developer.
  10. Carlo

    To BioWare

    I totally agree! But putting on a face of cautious optimism I suggested that I/we want a saga/RPG, not a damn service. I have a service contract on my smartphone, computer, watch, car, toilet and everything else in my life. Let me buy the game and leave the store without someone trying to sell me a service contract on the game, and oh I have some watches here inside my coat you might be interested in. Jonathan Warner stated or refused to be pulled into the concept of PVP, in the E3 interview. I hope he sticks to his guns on that. I also said that EA has dug a hole for BioWare, I hope they can climb out of that hole and leave all the bells and whistles of a service at the bottom of hole. Along with EA!
  11. Carlo

    To BioWare

    [ATTACH=full]619[/ATTACH] Considering the reports of Anthem being delayed till 2019 and the revelations about the gaming industry in particular EA, I have some thoughts on the development of Anthem and the Edmonton Studio. The Edmonton Studio produced Dragon Age and Mass Effect, arguably two of the top RPGs in gaming history. One essential aspect to the success of the Edmonton Studio was their ability to listen to feedback, feedback from us. They improved each game by listing to us and gained a fan base that supported their games, and in turned their bottom line. In this article I would like to explore some of the elements that made those two games a success as it pertains to Anthem. [ATTACH]620[/ATTACH] THE ENGINE First let's look at the Frostbite 3 engine. There are numerous articles discussing the Frostbite 3 engine and its difficulties in the development of an RPG style game, as opposed to a multiplayer FPS game which it is associated with. Mass Effect Andromeda (ME4) developed by the Montreal studio used the Frostbite 3 engine, were Mass Effect 1-3 developed by the Edmonton studio used the Unreal Engine. This switch could account for some of the look and gameplay problems ME4 had in its development, release and updates. Dragon Age 2 developed by Edmonton was on the Eclipse Engine, also known as the Lycium Engine. In 2013 EA announced that all future games by BioWare would be on the Frostbite 3 engine. The next installment in the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age Inquisition (DAI) was the first game developed using the Frostbite 3 engine by Edmonton. DAI was a single player RPG, and if any of the reports are factual there was a lot of development time around adapting the Frostbite 3 engine to the franchise. The Edmonton studio is developing Anthem as a Shared World RPG, not a single player RPG. The studio may be familiar enough with the Frostbite 3 engine for a single player RPG, but Anthem is something entirely different from their previous games. That difference may cause problems in development that could dictate the scope of the development teams imagination and capabilities. This may limit them conceptually resulting in a underdeveloped game in scope and gameplay. Anthem needs to be a well polished game at launch, it can't repeat ME4 in any shape or form. The one bright spot is the development in the co-op four player mode in DAI, which could help in Anthem’s development. Time may be a factor in corporate earnings, but it can make or break a game and that will truly impact the bottom line. The engine a game is built on can create problems or solve them. I encourage BioWare to take all the time they need on the development of Anthem on the Frostbite 3 engine. BioWare needs to resist corporate deadlines in their development of Anthem. The Edmonton studio knows how a good game should perform and they should deliver nothing less. We expect it from them and they from themselves. RPG BioWare needs to recreate their style of RPGs in a shared world that feels like a single player game, I believe this will be their challenge in Anthem. They had successfully made a four player co-op campaign in Dragon Age Inquisition that has overtones in Anthem. Although it had none of the deep storytelling of its title it was still well received and can be used as a template. What made BioWare RPGs so dynamic was the scope and breadth of their worlds. The storytelling was some of the best in the industry. Lore and backstories so thick you could cut them with a knife. Your character was woven into the narrative that immersed you deeper into their worlds. You were apart of the adventure, not separate from it. Will we be able to define who we are, why we are there and what purpose we have in Anthem separate from our friends. We can be Lancers or guardians or other generic named/looking characters with a limited backstory in a limited world that seems flat and empty, or provide a role for us to play. If BioWare can give each of us an identity, a character we customize and has a backstory that is woven into the world of Anthem. They may have just achieved something new in a shared world. We need to be able to track down storylines separate from our friends or squad mates. We should be somebody not just a suit of armor with a weapon shooting bullet sponges. We need to customize our Exosuit and upgrade parts we like and discard parts we don't, not pick from four (4) generic styles or classes. A Titan in a cosmetic shader will be no different than the rest of the Titans in Anthem. No individual customization, no individuality, no immersion. In the end not an RPG but a generic shared world FPS. BioWare has a history of great RPGs, continue that history. Don't destroy it. [ATTACH]621[/ATTACH] Dynamic World A dynamic world is not just a day and night cycle or changing weather conditions, but a more interactive environment which BioWare has made so important in their previous games. Environmental customization in particular Skyhold in Dragon Age Inquisition, gave players the chance to dynamically interact with the environment. That level of customization needs to be implemented in Anthem at the bare minimum. If Anthem is going to be a dynamic world with evolving NPCs not mannequins, then this needs to be the rule not the exception. NPCs need to be part of the fabric of Anthem not window dressing. We need to grow our understanding of Anthem and how it is evolving through our interactions. It is a custom in BioWare's games to be pulled in by the NPCs, to see where we go next in the adventure. To watch the story unfold and be apart of a evolving world. That I believe needs to be the case in Anthem, not grinding after a limited campaign until Anthem 2 comes out. We should at the end of gameplay have a story to tell, either separate or collectively about our time in Anthem. Make my time in Anthem well spent and meaningful in a dynamic world that deserves my time and attention. [ATTACH]622[/ATTACH] Exploration A key feature in the BioWare franchises was exploration. In keeping with their traditional gameplay this needs to be a core feature. In the course of exploration we will naturally run across hostile forces or in the course of a guest, which in turn will give XP and loot. There will be set pieces in the world to be sure, that we will visit many times over in the life of Anthem. To explore a heavily inhabited location to find hidden items, chambers, loot, resources creates another dimension in a set location. As a single player a more challenging offering. Today's engines can offer a number of permutations for a set location refreshing that location with that sense of discovery. Our natural curiosity should always be at play in an RPG. Anthem should always keep us guessing in what will we find, encounter or experience in the course of gameplay. The smallest of changes in any location can keep the gameplay fresh and allows us to look forward for the next discovery. All locations should be explorable and not walled off or reserved for a raid or some other design mechanic, that will be repeated time and time again. Repetition doesn't make you better, it numbs you and overtime can kill a game. Exploration should be in the forefront in the minds of the development team at BioWare as it has in the past. Continue that tradition. Saga In Anthem we should be looking at a epic journey, like the journey that BioWare took us on in Dragon Age or Mass Effect. I believe gamers are not looking for a SERVICE but a SAGA. A saga of discovery and exploration in a intriguing world that creates the sense of wonder that keeps us coming back. BioWare gave us a world to explore in their games, not a arena. When we step foot into Anthem there should be in a complete universe of history, lore and characters. A saga in a shared world RPG, not a FPS with a limited campaign masquerading as a RPG. If BioWare can deliver and RPG, a true RPG, in a shared world they may have cracked that nut and sends us on a epic journey. It is my belief that the Destiny model is coming to an end, the Division has reworked its concept to extend it life with gamers. Much to its credit. BioWare needs to think hard and long at the Destiny model of this ten year plan of repetition, greed and non transparency. EA has already dug a hole for BioWare and cautious optimism for Anthem. BioWare Edmonton studio needs to deliver what it is known for, a great RPG. Nothing less. Jonathan Warner gave an intriguing interview at E3 in 2017, and a hopeful look into Anthem. This coming E3 in 2018 I hope will give us another hopeful look into Anthem. That the delay, no matter how far they push it, will only improve what we will see at E3 and what we ultimately experience in the final game. A visually stunning world filled with wonders, exploration and discoveries in a hostile environment that will keep us gripping the controller in I don't have time to blink experience. A shared world RPG that will confirm our faith in BioWare and create another franchise by the Edmonton studio in Anthem in the lineage of the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I am cautiously optimistic. P.S. DLC vs Expansion and PVP DLCs should be for free. Shaders or weapons or other small collection of items should be downloadable for free. A goodwill gesture to the players who bought the game. Expansion packs of entirely new content, not walled off, should be offered for a charge depending on the size. I encourage BioWare not to include pvp in Anthem, at least not at launch. They should offer this as a separate offering set in the world of Anthem but not apart of it as they did in Dragon Age Inquisition co-op, for those who want pvp and enjoy it. This will give the RPG team their independence to develop a great RPG. Thus not having to always resolve the conflict between the two styles of gameplay. Not resulting in PVE vs PVP. But at the end of the day do what you do best, that is developing an RPG.
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    Welcome to the Hub Domi.
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    Welcome Jordan and the hyperloop to Anthem.
  14. Carlo

    Religion in Anthem?

    Yes, but a little more removed from the two main characters and their connection to Tasus. Plus it would seem as if I'm wearing a tinfoil hat, if it doesn't seem like that already. If BioWare is hinting at a belief system the two main characters reference was enough to suggest a link, if my speculation is correct. There may be a belief system within the lore as a cultural element for storytelling or motivation, without any link to the names. I thought the coincidence was interesting enough to raise the question.
  15. Carlo

    My Concerns about EA

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts1_L7exYoo I'm concerned about this move by EA on Visceral. What concerns me (to include the destruction of the studio) is the language that was used to justify the ending of the studio. This language was similar to the language used in EA's financial statement on Anthem's development concept model. Will mico transactions and loot boxes and the broader experience for more players be in Anthems development? Is Destiny the new normal. I hope not!

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